Wild Cherry
Golden Retrievers
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About Our Dogs
Wild Cherry Ranch's
OFA Preliminary app #1577348
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Clear

About Luna: She is our smallest female. Although she has lots of personality. She is happy and fun loving. She gets along with all dogs and people. She loves water.

Wild Cherry Ranch's
OFA #GR-102402G24M-VPI: Good

About Griff: He is our love-bug!! He love attention and always wants to be with people. He is the most gentle and loving golden we have. He loves to play fetch and he is really fast. He is such an athletic dog who likes to run. He likes playing in water as well, but not quite as much as Mika.

 Wild Cherry Ranch's
OFA #GR-97806G26F-PI: Good

About Sunny: Sunny is not having anymore litters and has moved to Claremont, CA with our daughter!

Wild Cherry Ranch's
OFA Preliminary app #1442168: Excellent

About Mika: She is our indoor golden. She enjoys laying on the couch and being lazy. She LOVES water. When she was young, she would try to swim in our horse water troughs. She loves the beach and will hop in the car and go any where. She is a beautiful dog who is also a sweetheart.

Wild Cherry Ranch's Tara

OFA Preliminary app #1442169: Excellent

About Tara: Tara is now spayed and is not having anymore litters!

Wild Cherry Ranch's 
(left red female) & Willow(right blonde female)

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